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What is the SR&ED Program?
The SR&ED program is the largest single source of federal and provincial government support for industrial research and development. learn more
Is my company eligible to the SR&ED program?
Contrary to the general belief that the SR&ED program only applies to high tech industries or to research similar to that conducted by universities, the tax authority's definition of R&D is much wider and applies just as well to manufacturing and other industries that devote themselves to creating or improving, even incrementally, new or existing products and processes. CRDC experts can help you assess if your work can be eligible for R&D tax credits: benefit from a free consultation with our experts! learn more
How can my company benefit from the SR&ED program?
Did you know that you can earn a refundable tax credit of up to 82% of your R&D expenditures with the SR&ED tax incentive program? Did you know that the net after-tax cost of $100 spent in R&D salaries can be as low as $11.10? Lean more about how generous the SR&ED tax incentive program can be. learn more
If you've never submitted a claim for SR&ED tax credits, or feel you're not taking full benefit from the program, or simply feel that you're not getting the results you expect, CRDC can help. Learn how you can benefit from our knowledge of the SR&ED program, from our experience of working with the governmental authorities and from our structured approach to preparing SR&ED claims to earn more money and save time. learn more