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CRDC professional services
At CRDC, we put great importance on identifying and understanding what your specific needs really are. Whether you are a new claimant or already have experience with claiming SR&ED tax credits, we can help you by providing consulting services that range from offering you a turnkey solution to helping you with a specific area of your claim.
Turnkey Solution.
Using our structured approach, we will focus on: understanding your business; identifying all of your projects which are eligible to the SR&ED tax incentive program; train your staff on the program; meeting with key technical personnel involved in eligible projects to understand the technological aspects of the projects; positioning the projects in such a way as to capture as many eligible activities as possible, thus maximizing your claim; meeting your financial staff to gather the financial information associated with eligible activities as well as investigating other potential sources of costs that may lead to eligible projects; and writing the technical project descriptions as well as preparing the financial forms required by and in compliance with the requirements of the governmental authorities. In the event your claim is audited by the authorities, we will help prepare your staff before the audit as well as assist your staff during and after the audit.

Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.
You may be seeking help in the following specific area’s, in which case CRDC can help:
We can train your staff on the SR&ED program. We can teach you what the requirements of the program are, how to properly position and write your project technical descriptions to maximize your return and minimize the risk of triggering an audit, which activities and related expenditures qualify for R&D tax credits, which rates apply to different types of expenditures, what the financial benefits of the program are, and so much more.
We can help you write your project technical descriptions
We can review your project technical descriptions to ensure that they meet the Canada Revenue Agency requirements, that they are properly positioned such as to maximize your claim, use the proper technical terminology, and properly explain the technological uncertainties surrounding your project as well as the technological advancements you are seeking through your projects.
We can review your claim in order to ensure that: the technical descriptions contain the necessary information; all eligible activities and related costs have been captured and are properly identified; the claim is well supported.
We can train your staff prior to audits conducted by the authorities. We can inform your staff on the audit process and perform dry runs with them to ensure they are well prepared for the audit.
We can assist you during and after audits conducted by the authorities.