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CRDC’s Structured Approach to Preparing a SR&ED Claim
At CRDC, we value your time. We can appreciate that your time is better spent on solving problems that are related to your core business. We also understand that your success is our success. Therefore, one of our primary concerns is to ensure that you are getting every single penny that you are entitled to through the SR&ED tax incentive program. We strive to achieve excellence through knowledge, quality, efficiency and professionalism. To ensure that we can save you time and maximize your financial returns in an efficient and professional manner, we have developed a structured approach to preparing your SR&ED claim. An overview of our structured approach is provided below:
We discuss with your management staff to identify your specific needs, and develop a plan of action geared towards meeting your specific needs;
We conduct background research, meet your staff and visit your facilities to understand your business, your technology and the context in which you conduct your technological developments;
We train your staff so they can gain a solid understanding of the SR&ED program;
We interview your technical and financial staff to identify all qualifying SR&ED activities and the costs associated to them;
We collect and analyse the documentation you generated to support your development efforts;
We position your R&D projects in such a way as to maximize the R&D claim;
We prepare, with the help of your staff, the technical descriptions and financial forms required by the tax authorities;
We can provide recommendations on how you can improve your process of identifying R&D projects and related R&D expenditures, as well as improving your process of documenting and supporting your future claims;
We train and prepare your staff prior to audits performed by the tax authorities;
We help you defend your claim during and after audits performed by the tax authorities.